What sort of things should a writer consider before putting pen to paper?

Before a writer begins scrolling their thoughts and ideas for the world to see, the audience that they are targeting needs to be considered. The challenge here is that with mass communication the audience is often unknown to the author. According to Allan Bell in his article “The language of News Media”, the audience is the most important and most researched component of mass communication. It’s hard to know where to begin when in the age of internet; an audience is anywhere that technology allows.
“If it is difficult to say who the sender is in mass communication, it is much more difficult to say who the communicator is actually communicating with” (Burger 1984 p.30).
However having said that the great thing with communicating through things like social media is the instant feedback through comments through comments “likes” etc. so don’t ignore these use them to gain a better understanding of your audience!



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