Two of my favourite blogs randomly picked for your enjoyment!

The first blog I wish to share called “10 things in school that should be obsolete” by Greg Stack, and is about how the school system needs to be updated to accommodate the massive changes in information sourcing and social connectivity of today. I think the reason this article appealed to me and interested me so much is being a child of the 90s and being in the school system from 1998-2010, I got to see and experience firsthand the changes in the way we access information at school and at home. It seems strange to put I remember the world before social media, where we called our friends on the home phone, until someone needed the internet so we had to hang up so they could use the dial up! I remember the changes in high school, the teachers trying to maintain control over our concentration while smart phones, social media sites etc were being introduced into our short attention holding minds. The world nowadays is full of distractions and the school systems are struggling to keep up. The blog also has an interesting take on the actual structures of schools and how they fit with modern day learning from the obsoleteness of libraries to more cost effective use of corridor space.

The next article interested me greatly because I think the idea is absolutely brilliant and I know it will take off in the near future. The author of this blog is basically introducing a new element to online shopping. Though there are plenty of advantages to online vs actually walking into a retail store there are many aspects of shopping that buying online can still not provide. You often find yourself sifting through hundreds and hundreds of products particularly with clothes without the direction that can be provided with the help of a sales assistant when actually walking into a store. We often need this guidance especially with technical products like computers or a mobile. Kent Deverell, the Author of this blog has come up with a way of combining modern technology already at our disposition to almost create this sales assistant type of help. By using a phone app, created by this man you will be able to talk to your phone/tablet etc. in the way many of us already communicate with “Siri”. We can ask the app “I need to find a pink formal dress that is suitable to wear to a wedding” and it will assist you in sifting through all the products available online. Genius!!!


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