“Real Adventurers read maps” – An article from the New York Times, by Steve Kurutz

This is an opinionated article on the authors opinion of using a GPS system vs road maps. There’s no secret that road maps are a dying resource with bookstores scaling down to very few or none to sell. But is this always a good thing? Steve Kurutz the author of the New York Times article he still prefers the experience of using a road map particularly when going on a long trip or travelling with a companion and states two main reasons for this. The first is that when choosing the single most efficient route to your desired destination, a GPS excludes other routes and destinations that you may not have realized you have the desire to see. I do have to agree with him on this some of the most magical and most loved destinations I have found have come across purely by accident and having an adventurous nature. His other main reason is the interaction between the driver and the navigator that is lost with the use of a GPS. When driving through foreign areas with only the assistance of a map, travelers must work together as a team and your ability to get along and solve problems is tested in a valuable way. GPS eliminates the issue of getting lost but it also removes the thrill of personal challenge. Again I would agree with him on this statement but looking at it both ways it also eliminates the almost unavoidable arguments and tension that can come along with trying to find the right direction while driving!




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