My Reflection on the Process of Creating a Weblog

This was my first experience of writing a weblog out to an unknown audience. It’s interesting to image communicating through mass media for anyone to read. I think it’s a process that does come naturally to us to a certain extend in today’s age of constant self-publication through social media however to share something more meaningful and interesting that simply what I have done during the day was very interesting and it would be interesting to see if it does gain much attention from anyone on the internet.

Regarding design I gained many skills I did not have before. Through gaining knowledge from different theorists and experts on document design I have learnt the important or restraint repetition and the contrast of different colours and how this can affect the readers ability to easy read and absorb the information that you are trying to provide for them. Unfortunately my skills in the way of technology still have a lot of improving to do, to the point where I had created a blog previously that I was not able to access again but it’s all a learning curve when you are creating material online.

Blogging is a fantastic new source of information available for us. It allows everyone to try their hand at independent journalism. Though this means we often to have to sort through a large level of material that we have no interest in it also gives us access to information we never would have been able to enjoy before. It’s also interesting to read things from people’s personal point of view. Opinionated articles interest me just as much as objective ones particularly if it’s from an educated professional author.


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