Apple vs Microsoft: which interface do you prefer- an article by Ed Bott for the Ed Bott report

Everyone has an opinion on the Apple vs Mac debate however the problem is that most use one regularly and have rarely or never used the other. As it turns out however these is a close to perfect test you can use to compare the two companies approach to interface design. Both Microsoft and Apple recently released significant updates to their digital photo management/editing programs in the past year which are easy to analyse and compare against each other. The main interface is almost identical in format and both companies have settled to reflect on much larger cleaner design principles.


Editing photos is surprisingly much clearer and easier in the new Microsoft software. The choses in the edit tab appear by default when a picture is uploaded and are very clear and easy to navigate. Though the Mac program offers a larger range of editing options, they are not as easy to access and need a bit of time to find and figure out how to use.


There used to be a time where comparing Microsoft programs to Apple was like comparing chalk to cheese. But as Microsoft have adopted the less is more simplicity approach and Apple have taken on more advanced software, the differences are becoming less and less with each update.


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