“A note to our readers”- An article from the New Yorker

The New Yorker was founded by Harold Ross ninety years ago. If he were still with us today he would be amazed at the ways in which journalism has changed. There was once a time when the magazine relied solely on the U.S mail for reproduction and distribution but ever since the website was opened in 2001 there has been a complete switch in the way viewers read the articles which has created a huge change in appearance, content and access. Because of the shift from viewer access simply being from magazines to tablets, mobiles and computers a whole new focus now has to be placed on the document design for each difference medium. Although all these change creates challenges the advantages naturally weigh them out. For one it allows their viewers to access information almost immediately after is is collected and collaborated by the author. We live in an age where people want to know what is happening and they want to know it now and businesses must compensate to this. It also allows subscribers to archive and revisit articles with ease from now to all the way back to 2007, something that would have cost a great lot of time and resources to do before.




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