5 ways to Integrate Prose and Graphics

According to (Schriver 1997 p.412) there are 5 key relationships among pros and pictures:
Redundant- providing a repetition of key ideas through by using almost identical content visually and verbally. Research has shown that peoples comprehension of ideas is improved if key points are presented both visually and verbally. Taking information in more than way one increases the likelihood that the viewer will remember it.
Complementary- Involves using different content visually and verbally in order to understand key ideas. Though the content is different is must complement each other in order to help the reader understand the main idea.
Supplementary- when words and pictures are arranged in a way in which one is dominant to direct the reader towards the main idea and the other content elaborates the ideas in a way that supports the information. Supplementary relationships can be employed to elaborate key points that need to be put under spotlight for the readers to help clarify the main idea.
Juxtaposition- where different ideas are created through a clash of tension between the ideas behind the content and pictures. Both pros and graphics must be presented simultaneously to prevent the reader from being able to infer the intended message.

Shriver, Karen A 1997, The interplay of words and pictures, Whiley Computer Pub, New York


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